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5 Reasons Why You Should Offer LED Lashes In Your Salon

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In the rapidly evolving realm of beauty and aesthetics, staying ahead of the curve is vital for eyelash professionals aiming to provide top-tier services to their clients. Enter the world of Luminous LED Eyelash System, a revolutionary technique in eyelash extensions that is transforming the industry by putting health, efficiency, and client satisfaction at the forefront.

If you are considering whether to add LED Eyelash Extensions service to your lash salon’s offering, Here are 5 reasons why LED Lash Extension is a must-have Lash service for your Eyelash salon in Singapore.

1. A Shift Towards Safety & Well-Being

Regular Eyelash Extension methods have always carried risks, particularly due to the use of cyanoacrylate-based glues. Depending on the formulation of Eyelash adhesive that is used, level of fumes emitted can is different.  Cyanoacrylate together with PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) is known to potentially cause mild to severe reactions in Eyelash Extensions treatments due the polymerization process that emits fume as the by-product. Fumes from Eyelash adhesive is usually the culprit that causes the sting and redness that is experienced in Eyelash Extensions. Stinging, and/or redness during and after the eyelash procedure is unwanted, and it can be as severe as a bad swell that can lead your client to the doctor’s office.


The Luminous LED Eyelash System provides a breath of fresh air to existing methods in Eyelash Extensions. The system is heavily researched and tested  on since 2017 to mitigate the negative effects of prolonged cyanoacrylate exposure. By incorporating specially crafted LED eyelash gel glue and the Luminous LED Light, this technology prioritizes the health of both lash artists and clients.


2. Instantly cures eyelashes

The main focus of the Luminous LED Eyelash System is the clever use of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. By combining LED Eyelash gel glue and LED light, it creates an almost instant bond between the Eyelash Extensions and the natural lashes. The Eyelash Extensions adhere to the natural eyelashes quickly, with the LED gel glue achieving instant cure in just about 2-5 seconds.


3. Reduced treatment time, Increased Revenue

Lash artists who adopt the Luminous LED Eyelash Technique open doors to success on multiple fronts, such as the following:

Boosted Efficiency: With speedy Eyelash curing times, lash artists can complete a set of Eyelash Extensions with a shorter treatment time. This means you can accommodate more clients daily. Your clients will also thank you for giving them more time to handle other important events in their lives.

Increased Revenue: With more clients that you can accommodate per day, LED Eyelash technology allows lash artists to command at least 20%  higher prices, reflecting the superior quality and enriched experience you can deliver to your clients.


4. Improved Client Satisfaction

Clients also enjoy significant advantages from the Luminous LED Eyelash Technique:

Longer Lasting Lashes: The strong attachment created by the LED gel ensures that lash extensions stay in place for a longer time, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups. From the usual 3 weeks eyelash touch up session, LED Eyelash curing system allow lashes to last another 1-3 weeks before a touch-up session is required. This is about 20-30% higher retention.

Comfort and Ease: Unlike traditional eyelash adhesive, the LED Eyelash glue cures immediately when exposed to LED light. Clients experience insignificant to no stinging sensation as their lashes are completely cured immediately. When this happens, we prevent fumes from the glue from emitting. No more waiting, fanning, or additional bonding agents are necessary.

Quick Recovery: Clients can quickly return to their daily activities involving water and heat, without delay. Clients can also wash their eyes and face immediately after a session of LED Eyelash Extension service.

Sensitive Skin Friendly: The Luminous LED Lash System is ideal for individuals with sensitive eyes who might react to regular lash glues, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience.



5. Making Safety a Top Priority

Lash artists frequently have concerns about possible health risks and safety concerns related to the glues used in regular eyelash extensions. Fortunately, the Luminous LED Eyelash System significantly addresses these worries:

Less Time Exposed: The curing time for LED gel glues is approximately 2-5 seconds, which means that any fumes from the glue is omitted almost immediately. In comparison to the regular eyelash extensions method, the presence of glue fumes lingering in your work area and affecting you and your client’s respiratory health is no longer a concern anymore. Hence, this creates a safer setting for both lash artists and clients alike.

Quick and Effective Curing: The speedy healing process of the LED eyelash gel lessens any irritations associated with extended exposure to glue fumes. This almost instant curing cancels off symptoms such as stinging of the eyes, redness and tearing of your clients eyes. This elevated client experience will definitely bring increased credibility to your business.




In conclusion, the Luminous LED Eyelash Technique transcends trends—it represents a transformative leap in lash extension artistry. Embracing this innovation enables lash artists to enhance their skills, priorities client welfare, and lay the foundation for prosperity in the dynamic beauty landscape.

The perk of offering Luminous LED Eyelash Extensions service in your salon would be the opportunity to potentially achieve a significant ROI for your business.

However, be aware of many unknown brands in the mass market, you wouldn’t want to use uncredible tools from dubious sources and perform LED Eyelash Extensions on your clients eyes without proper training. Therefore, it is recommended to do your research, choose a reputable supplier and trainer before you launch your LED Lash services in Singapore.



Here at The Lash Academy, LED Eyelash Extensions classes are conducted in small groups to ensure that you would be able to master the skills and execute the service professionally in your salon. A full set of the LED Lash system is also provided in the Luminous Eyelash Extensions Conversion Course.

Luminous LED Eyelash System is developed after year of research, trials and has passed the Photobiological safety certifications to ensure that it is safe to implement on clients’ eyes.

Embrace the future of lash extensions with the Luminous LED Eyelash Extension system. Contact The Lash Academy at +6594870570 to understand more about how you can safely implement this service to your Eyelash salon.