Trainer of The Lash Academy


Principal Trainer : Ms Rachel Lye

Principal Trainer of The Lash Academy International

  • Principal Trainer of Dreamlash Korea Eyelash Studio
  • Chairman of Korean Eyelash Association (KELA) Singapore Headquater
  • Chairman of International Eyelash Designer Association (IEDA) Singapore Headquater
  • Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology Merit Certification
  • International Eyelash Designer Association Master Certification
  • International Eyelash Designer Association Pro Master Certification
  • Official Master Trainer in Singapore accredited by International Eyelash Designer Association(IEDA)
  • 1st in the Eyelash Extension Comeptition (2015) organized by Korean EyeLash Association (KELA).
  • Official Judge in Korean Beauty Contest 2016 (Seoul)
  • Official Judge in Korean Beauty Contest 2017 (Seoul)

Miss Rachel has been in the beauty and wellness industry since the 1990s. She began her career in the beauty trade as an aesthetician and has since gained vast experience in the beauty industry through her exposure in working with many international beauty brands. Through the many years in the industry, she noticed that Asians, albeit having beautiful looking eyes, tend to have straight and droopy eyelashes which make them appear to look 'listless' and 'sleepy'. She then took an interest to eyelash extensions and found out that lash extensions are able to give Asian eyes an 'eye-opening' effect. However, she realized the traditional eyelash extension techniques are extremely damaging to real lashes, not to mention the fact that the outcome is nowhere near to natural.


In order to achieve what she had in mind of safe and natural looking eyelash extensions, Miss Rachel practiced continuously and attended numerous overseas trainings and research with experts from all over the world, with the ideal to design the perfect eyelash design. She has since perfected the technique and countless beauty professionals have also benefitted from her classes. She has also invented the Magic Volume technique that has allowed people with sparse lashes to own thick and luscious lashes that are non-damaging to the original lashes. In this year, she was invited by the Korean EyeLash Association (KELA) to participate in the International Beauty Skills competition at Seoul, at the Sitex Convention Centre and is the first Singaporean to have won the first prize in the Best Eyelash Extension Technique category!