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6 reasons why you should offer lash lift treatment in your salon

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Lash Lifts are becoming extremely popular in the beauty industry including Singapore. It gives the natural lashes eye-opening curls for up to 7 weeks. Not to mention, it is a cost-effective service that could bring extra profit to your lash business.

Lash Lifts are like an improved version of lash perm to the lashes that shape them into the perfect eye-opening lifted curl. Lash lifts can be customized to the desired level of curl. The process includes a 3-step keratin-based formula that strengthens the lashes while giving them an upward lifted effect.

The natural lashes will be lifted using a silicon pad and a lifting solution. Because the procedure involves the delicate part of the eye area, lash artists must be well trained in a Lash Lift course and be certified to be able to perform Lash Lift service professionally.

If you are considering whether to add this service to your salon’s menu, Here are 6 reasons why a Lash Lift is a must-have service for your lash salon.

1. Natural & lasting result for your clients

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A Lash Lift is a simple process to learn but in order to perform it perfectly, you are required to have a strong knowledge base and excellent detailed execution. The results are expressive and can last five to seven weeks, depending on how quickly your client’s eyelashes grow and how well they have been taken care of.

You can consider providing an additional service – Lash Tint – that helps darken the lashes, creating a more obvious mascara-like effect for your client. A lash tint is usually included in the Lash Lift workshop. By including this service as part of the Lash Lift procedure, you can create a better profit margin.

2. Minimal aftercare for your clients

Have we mentioned there is minimal aftercare to this treatment. After the Lash Lift treatment, you should advise your clients to avoid applying mascara and eye curler for the next 1-2 days and keep them as clean as possible. You can recommend your clients to purchase Lash Lift Nourishing Serum and apply daily to keep their natural lashes strong and healthy. If your clients wish to maintain the lift, she/he can get a new Lash Lift treatment after 6-7 weeks.

3. It can be a good substitute for naturally-looking lashes lovers without eyelash extensions

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If you are a lash artist, you might be aware that some customers may reject eyelash extensions. The reasons are varied. They might find it expensive, or they’re just not keen to add on the extra care required with the extensions. To capture this group of demographic, a Lash Lift service is the best alternative. In order to understand the benefits of Lash Lifts, you should learn the difference between Lash Lifts and Eyelash Extension.

The most distinctive difference between Lash Lift and Lash Extensions is that Lash Lifts enhance the curl of the natural lashes, giving them a visible curl and creating an eye-opening effect. While eyelash extensions lengthen the natural lashes using lash fibers which makes the lashes appear longer and fuller.

Lash Lift can only lift up the natural lashes without adding any volume or length. Thus, the result depends greatly on the length and fullness of the client’s natural lashes. On the other hand, Lash Extensions are customizable and can be used with different synthetic lash lengths, curls, and thicknesses to achieve the desired look that is suitable to natural eye shape.

Lash lifts can be done in a shorter time than eyelash extensions. Within 45-60 mins, you can complete a lash lift service for your client while eyelash extensions require at least 90 mins.

4. It is a low-maintenance and more affordable treatment as compare to eyelash extensions

Price for a Lash Lift service ranging from $80 – $100 while Eyelash Extensions can be from $100 – $250 for a full set.

Lash Lift is a low-maintenance treatment whereas Eyelash Extensions often require some care to maintain the effect. The retention of the extensions depends on the individual lifestyle and proper eyelash aftercare.

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In conclusion, understanding the differences can help you determine your customers’ expectations, in order to provide the most suitable service to your customers based on their preferences. For example, if your customer prefers natural-looking lashes with minimal maintenance, a Lash Lift is the right treatment. If your customer wants longer and fuller-looking lashes, plus don’t mind putting more effort into taking care of the lashes, recommend them to try Eyelash Extensions. By doing so, you can expand the service variety that could improve your business value.

5. Lash Lifts are safe and suitable for almost all clients’ lashes, even men!

The best thing about a Lash Lift is it is suitable for most eyelashes, such as short lashes, straight lashes or droopy lashes. Lash Lifts are also suitable for men. However, for people who have severe skin irritation or very sensitive eyes, it is advised to avoid doing Lash Lift as the chemical may cause irritation to the eyes.

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Generally, Lash Lift is a safe service, as it maintains the health of the natural lashes by using plant-based proteins as well as keratin-based Lash Lift lotion that is completely safe for the eyelashes. In short, Lash Lifts will not damage your client’s natural lash. However, do take note of a few reasons why some customers experienced negative results:

  • They have not done thorough research on the lash salon they chose to do their Lash Lift.
  • They visited salons which used low-quality Lash Lift products that might contain a high percentage of chemicals that over-process the lashes, causing lash breakage.
  • The lash artist performing the procedure are not certified, not well-trained and has insufficient experience.
  • Purchased online D-I-Y Lash Lift kits and performed Lash Lift at home without understanding the risks of doing so.

6. Attractive return-on-investment margin

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The perks of having Lash Lift service on your menu is you can potentially achieve a significant ROI for your business. For starters, you can simply purchase a full Lash Lift kit online. However, be aware of many unknown brands in the mass market, you wouldn’t want to use products from dubious sources and perform Lash Lifts without training. Therefore, it is recommended to research and choose a reputable supplier for your lash lift products.

The Lash Lift kit should mostly include everything you need to perform lash lift service. Here is the catch, with most lash lift kit, you can perform for up to about 20 clients. A premium lash lift kit can cost between $150-$250 and above and you can charge each client anywhere between $60 – $90 per treatment. In total, you can earn an average of $600 – $900 for every 10 customers. That is almost 80% of the total profit for just one Lash Lift Kit.


We hope this article helps you on the decision of adding a new service – Lash Lift – to your lash salon. Before that, remember to do a full research on which academy to start your journey on eyelash extensions or expand your knowledge and skill on eyelash relates services.

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