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How to become a lash artist?

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The demand for Eyelash Extensions in Singapore has exploded in popularity. The demographic is wide and easy to penetrate as many Singaporeans are willing to splurge on beauty services to save them plenty of make-up time and not to mention, instant beauty! This creates plenty of job opportunities in the beauty industry which you can earn a side income by doing freelancing or even start your own home-based eyelash business. There are in fact many good reasons to become a lash artist in Singapore.
Before we get into details on how to become a lash artist, you should perhaps understand why you should aim to become a certified lash artist rather than learning off random YouTube videos.

how to become lash artist The Lash Academy

Why should you become a certified lash artist in Singapore?

  1. Gain trust from prospective customers
    In the beauty industry, having excellent skills is the surest way to gain a following. Having professional certification is a great way to ensure your customers trust your skill and increase your business credibility.
  2. Avoid legal disputes
    When you operate your business unlicensed, you’re putting yourself at risk of legal action. You will not want to receive a lawsuit from your client due to poor application that badly damages their eyelashes. It is crucial to understand that being a licensed lash artist means you have been trained and equipped with adequate skills and knowledge to perform eyelash extensions services on clients. However in Singapore, one does not need to obtain a license in order to perform an eyelash service and this makes it more difficult for consumers to differentiate the good and below average ones since the standard is not regulated. Therefore, having certified from a reputable eyelash training center will help you gain trust from new customers.
  3. Potentially earn a higher income
    Being a professionally certified lash artist means you have spent effort practicing and upgrading your skills in order to provide a meticulous service to your clients. Setting yourself apart from the rest plus some brand marketing, you can do away with the price war competition with your competitors. Only through this way, you can lash your way to financial freedom as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Refer to the table below for potential income you can earn as a certified lash artist.

potential income as a certified lash artist The Lash Academy

Now you’ve understood why becoming a certified lash technician is important to kick start your first eyelash extensions journey. Let’s move on to find out how to become a professional lash artist.

How to become a professional lash artist?

1. Enrol in eyelash extensions courses from a reputable academy

Extensive training courses are required to become a certified lash artist. Depending on the course and skill level you choose, eyelash courses can take from 4-12 weeks to get certified. In order to master the eyelash extension skill, it is a must to dedicate time and effort to practice on models even after course completion. This can boost your confidence and spare you time to plan for your first lash business.

You should research before choosing the most suitable eyelash academy to start your eyelash extension foundation. Shortlist academies with trainers who have vast knowledge in their eyelash extensions skills and in running a successful business. It is also important the class size is small so your trainer can give you sufficient attention for guidance. This will help you get an adequate hands-on learning experience and improve your skills more efficiently. You should also read up on the course modules to know what will be included in your training. It is a bonus if the lash academy also teaches you customer service, business setup, marketing techniques as these are important know-hows in running any successful business.

You can refer to the chart below for a complete guide of lash extensions training journey.

Eyelash Extensions Course Journey The Lash Academy

2. Validate your skills by taking a licensed examination.

Passionate lash artists will continue their learning journey so they can improve their lashing skills. Taking eyelash extension examinations is the best way to evaluate and check on the progression of where you stand. Choose an examination that is best suitable for your level of expertise. Once you pass the examination, you will be walking away with an accredited certificate.

IEDA certified lash artist The Lash Academy

3.Registering your eyelash business in Singapore

Once you have attained your certificate, the next step is to register your business. The process of registering a new business is totally simple and hassle-free. All you need is a computer and internet. First, register your business online at BizFile by logging in with your SingPass. You will need to prepare with a business name, business activities and business address. The fee for registering is $15 and it takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Just like that and you will officially become a business owner. The final step is to set up your salon, build your brand and start lashing!

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So where to find accredited eyelash extension courses from a reliable lash academy in Singapore?

The Lash Academy – the first Eyelash Extension Academy in Singapore to specialize in Eyelash Extensions courses in Singapore. Choose from a range of eyelash extension courses from basic eyelash extension courses for beginner to expert levels.

The Lash Academy has been training more than 2000 students since 2014, with many graduated students running their own successful beauty business. With more than 20 years of experience in the lash industry, partnering with the eyelash expert associations – Korean Eyelash Associations and the International Eyelash Designer Association – The Lash Academy is the ideal choice for you to start your very first step at establishing your own eyelash salon.


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