Lash your way to Financial Freedom

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If you are on this page today, you are probably interested in learning more about eyelash extensions, or you are a lash artist who thinks that you can do better.

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Build strong knowledge and foundation

Now, there are people who say they want to do it, and there are people who DO it. Which one is you?

Let’s do some calculations, you can charge an average of $120 for a set of eyelash extensions. If you are doing 5 sets of eyelash per week, it will be $2400 per month.

The question is, will you be doing for 5 customers per week if you can potentially do much more?

The reason why you want to learn eyelash extensions is because you know that in order to build a sustainable eyelash business, you need to learn the right techniques, tips, and tricks in this booming industry. You know you are in safe hands because The Lash Academy has trained and assisted countless students to realize their potential in running a successful eyelash business.

Let me share with you my main considerations when we started our first ever lash business in 2013?

1. What is the investment?
2. What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?
3. How long does it take to breakeven?
4. What do I lose if I don’t take on this challenge?

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

You are here because you are passionate about beauty, and you know that when we do things that we are passionate about, the success rate is higher, and we are happier doing something we enjoy!

So ask yourself this question, should you get trained to do this? If the answer is yes, it will be an awesome start! You can get to learn all the exclusive techniques, industry secrets, etc., and you will get all the tools, skills, marketing tips, insider secrets, and support to start.

Work smarter, not harder!



You don’t need to spend tens or hundreds of thousands to set up a fancy lash boutique, we all know you can do as well with a nice and neat home studio!

You don’t need a background in beauty, as long as you have an interest in it.

You don’t need to spend thousands every month on paid advertising. We know they don’t work this way.

You certainly do not need to compete with low-cost budget eyelash technicians. You will learn how to attract the right customers who will be willing to pay you for your service.

The Lash Academy

All these years, we have learned the hard way to build our successful eyelash business. From 1-2 customers a day, we now average serve 5 customers a day. And we’re just going to teach you how.

We all didn’t start out being good at it. We slowly get better. And better. You don’t have to have special talents. You just need to believe that you can and take action on it. Because thinking is a thought, but action reaps results.


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If you are ready to stop dreaming and start achieving, take your next step here.