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6 Essential tips you need to know before starting an eyelash extension business

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The global false eyelashes market size is expected to worth more than USD 1.1 billion by 2025. Seeing the growing trend, many entrepreneurs are starting to tap into this profitable industry. Back in Singapore, the demand for eyelash extensions has been rising steadily. Ladies who used to shun eyelash extensions for the fear of the damaging their eyelashes, are now open to this make-up ready beauty hack, thanks to the advancement of damage-free lash extensions techniques. Before starting an eyelash extension business, you will wish you would know these essential tips for a successful business.

Understanding your concerns, we have come up with the 6 tips that us professionals knew, in order to help you take one step at a time and become a successful eyelash business owner.

1.Professional-looking salon

One of the first decisions you should consider before starting an eyelash extension business is deciding on how your salon will look like. It is important to put some thoughts into interior design for your space. Regardless of home salon or commercial salon, creating a professional atmosphere could win more customer’s supports than a mundane looking one. Keep in mind that value and positive experience are key to attract and retain your customers.

Professional-looking salon does not mean you need to spend a large sum of money. Affordable furniture can be purchased online. You can also consider the minimalist interior design, where functional furniture will be used to save space and a combination of usually not more than two basic colours.

2.Invest in Quality Adhesives and Lashes

While you might be tempted to cut costs as much as possible, glues and lashes are the heart of your eyelash extension business. In order to create a successful eyelash business, you must determine the priority expenses. Glues and lashes are definitely what you will not want to overlook. Not only will it affect the quality of your services, it might potentially cause a nasty complain if your client has a bad infection after using your service.

Consider it as an investment, you will not want to sacrifice your clientele and brand reputation with low-quality adhesives or lashes. Keep in mind that good lashes/ glue companies will always send you samples you can try before finalizing your decision. So start browsing and researching for quality adhesives and lashes that can take your business to the next level.

3.Create a menu

Once you have completed your research on products, you can consider creating a price menu to enhance the customer experience. Further research might be required on how to price your services. The first step is to calculate the amount of all your expenses, then refer to competitor’s pricing, do some market research and determine your target customers, how much do you think they are willing to pay for your services. Afterward, you can decide on a reasonable price that can attract your group of audiences.

4.Get a professional website

The next step to strengthen the eyelash extension business’s credibility and authenticity is to get a professional website. You can easily create a simple yet elegant website with Wix, WordPress, etc. Having a brick-and-mortar salon is a must, but having a website can add more value to your brand and it also potentially doubles your profits by attracting more clients from online search engines. If you are willing to spare more budget on creating a website, you could consider hiring a website and content developer to get your brand across the search engine.

5.Effective Social Media is key

It is no surprise social media plays a vital role in today’s consumer’s purchasing habits and decisions. Statistics show that every 4 out of 5 Singaporean use social media (especially Facebook and Instagram). Therefore, eyelash extension businesses can tap into social media such as Instagram and Facebook to increase sales and strengthen the relationship with their customers. The tip to success is to leverage the power of social proof by posting pictures pre and post treatments of your own work. It is very effective to gain more attention by posting before and after photos of the lash extensions. In addition, influencer social media strategy is also a good technique to draw more brand awareness.

6.Review/ Feedback are critical

Studies have found that online reviews and word-of-mouth can increase sales by more than 200%. Local search from google is a good example, when people search “eyelash extensions near me” into their search engine, you will want your brand to come up at the top of the search results. Another example is review or feedback from past customers on your social media sites. The more positive reviews/ feedback you have, the more likely new customers are willing to use your services. So whenever your customer loves your services, encourage her to write a review for your business, or use incentives such as a $5 voucher for the next visit if she writes feedback or review.

The most important thing out of all 6 essential tips above, before starting an eyelash extension business, is to be a certified lash artist. With The Lash Academy, you can learn more than just 6 tips. From the eyelash extension courses, you can create damage-free and beautiful eyelash extensions to pricing your services and how to take a good before and after photos, etc. The Lash Academy can equip you with a complete skill set to get ready to set up your first lash business.