Luminous LED Eyelash Extensions

(Course Code: TLA-01)

Conducted by: Master Trainer Ms Vicky

Course Duration: 1 Day | 12pm – 4pm

Course Summary:

Introducing the future of Eyelash Extensions - The revolutionary Luminous LED Eyelash Extensions with technology from Japan. Learn how to properly incorporate LED Eyelash extensions to your salon menu with the industry know-hows. Provide a premium experience for your clients with no fumes-irritation, no red eyes and and with much better lash retention. Elevate your beauty business with the game-changing innovation.

Feature of Luminous LED Eyelash Extensions 

  1. Immediate curing of eyelashes
  2. Suitable for sensitive eyes 
  3. Shorter eyelash procedure time 
  4. Higher retention 
  5. Higher profit margin

Course Modules (Demonstration & Hands On)

  1. Concept of Luminous LED Eyelash System 
  2. How does LED Eyelash Extensions works 
  3. Understanding LED Technology 
  4. LED Lamp specifications 
  5. Types of LED Eyelash Glue 
  6. Specific Ingredients in LED Gel Glue 
  7. Safety concerns of LED Technology
  8. Advantages of LED Eyelash Extensions
  9. Contraindications 
  10. After-care for LED Eyelashes
  11. Student hands-on practice on mannequin
  12. Student hands-on practice on model

Course Fees: 

  1. Conversion class: $1280 
  2. Early-Bird Sign up: $1080 
  3. TLA Alumni: $980

0% interest installments available

Course Fees Includes:

  • Luminous LED Eyelash System (Made in Japan)
    • 1 LED Lamp Head
    • 1 standing pole 
    • 1 metal square base
    • 1 2.5 AMP round-pin plug 
    • 1 foot foot switch 
    • 2 LED Gel Glue 
    • 1 pair of Anti Blue-light glasses
    • 20 sets of protective eye masks 
  • Lifetime after-course support
  • Student discount for LED Extensions products

Upon Completion of Course, Learners will be Awarded

Certificate of Completion in Luminous LED Eyelash Extensions Technology