Professional Certificate in Volume Eyelash Extensions

(Course code: TLA-07)

Duration: 2 Days | 11am – 6pm

Course Summary:

Want to know the secrets behind beautiful volume eyelash extensions? Our Volume classes dives deep into the characteristics of volume lashes, as well as the skills to design a customized volume lash set for your clients. Get ready to master the art of perfect volume and elevate your lash skills to the next level.  

*This class is suitable for lash technicians who has some experiences in eyelash extensions, and for anyone who wish to upgrade their volume eyelash extensions skills.

5 Core Skills Mastery

  1. Russian Volume Application
  2. Hand-made Volume Fan Method
  3. Lash Line Transition
  4. 5 Volume Lash Styles
  5. High Retention Wrapping Technique

Advanced Eyelash Modules (Theory, Demonstrations and Practical )

  1. Characteristics of Volume Eyelash Extensions
  2. Differences between Classic, Hybrid and Volume lashes
  3. Handmade Fan Vs Pre-made fans
  4. Volume lash weight calculation
  5. Selecting the right volume for your client
  6. 3 methods to create Volume fans
  7. Volume Eyelash wrapping for high retention
  8. Volume Lash styles for a customized design
  9. Lash design for clients with uncommon eye shapes
  10. Volume lash Refill
  11. Volume eyelash removals
  12. Correct application of volume lashes
  13. Direction of application in volume set
  14. Correct method for volume lash dipping
  15. Speeding up for volume sets
  16. Advanced eyelash adhesive theory
  17. Common issues in creating volume sets
  18. Common retention issues with volume sets
  19. Volume lash pricing for full sets and refills
TLA Certificate FA path

Course Fees: S$1600
0% interest installments available

Course fees includes:

  • Advanced Eyelash Handbook
  • Advanced Eyelash Toolkit
  • 2 times after-course sit-in revision within 6 months
  • Lifetime after-course support via F2F consultation, calls, Whatsapp
  • Lifetime 10% student discount of all K Lash PRO eyelash products

Upon Completion of Course Requirements, Learners will be Awarded

Professional Certificate in Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
Certified by The Lash Academy International

Luminous LED Class (4)