Eyelash Specialist Business Start-up Course

(Course code: SC-01)

Course Duration: 6 Days | 42 hours

Course Summary:

An all-in-one professional eyelash extensions course that is designed to train beginners to become specialists in the field of eyelash extensions. This complete eyelash extensions course is suitable for learners who wish to set up a home-based or shop-based eyelash salon, or one who wishes to take up a second career focusing on the mastery of professional eyelash extensions techniques.

Key Eyelash Techniques taught in the course:

  1. Classic Lash by Lash Extensions
  2. Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
  3. Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
  4. Layered Eyelash Extensions
  5. Lower Eyelash Extensions
  6. Korean Moisture Perm (glueless lash lift)

Foundation Eyelash Modules (Theory, Demonstrations, Practical)

  1. Eyelash tools and products
  2. Workplace set up
  3. Salon Hygiene: Sanitation and Sterilization
  4. Lash Technician health
  5. Anatomy of the Eye
  6. Eyelash health Assessment
  7. Eyelash Growth Cycle
  8. Characteristics of eyelashes: Silk / Mink / Flat
  9. 10 types of Eyelash Curl
  10. 4 types of Eyelash Diameters
  11. Choosing the right curl and diameters
  12. Basic Eyelash Adhesive theory
  13. Primer theory
  14. Nano misting theory
  15. Related eye conditions and irritations
  16. Sensitivity and allergic reaction
  17. Importance of isolation and separation
  18. Providing a professional clients consultation
  19. Lash styling for different eye shapes and face contour
  20. 5 rules for perfect application
  21. Classic lash styles and mapping method
  22. Classic Upper eyelash application technique
  23. Classic Lower lash application technique
  24. Lash styling for different eye shapes and face contour
  25. Application of different classic Lash curls, thickness, lengths
  26. Eyelash Refill
  27. 3 types of Eyelash Removal
  28. After-care tips
  29. Common retention issues for beginners
  30. Eyelash Photography

Advanced Eyelash Modules (Theory, Demonstrations and Practical )

  1. Characteristics of Volume eyelash extensions
  2. Differences between Classic, Hybrid and Volume lashes
  3. Handmade Fan Vs Pre-made fans
  4. Volume lash weight calculation
  5. Selecting the right volume for your client
  6. 3 methods to create Volume fans
  7. Volume Eyelash wrapping for high retention
  8. Volume Lash styles for a customized design
  9. Lash design for clients with uncommon eye shapes
  10. Volume lash Refill
  11. Volume eyelash removals
  12. Correct application of volume lashes
  13. Direction of application in volume set
  14. Correct method for volume lash dipping
  15. Speeding up for volume sets
  16. Advanced eyelash adhesive theory
  17. Common issues in creating volume sets
  18. Common retention issues with volume sets
  19. Volume lash pricing for full sets and refills
  20. Eyelash business set up: marketing and price points

Korean Moisture Perm (Latest no-glue technique)

  1. Korean Moisture Perm Vs Traditional Lifts technique
  2. Using the no-glue method successfully
  3. Avoid the most common mistakes that cause poor lash lift results
  4. Dealing with difficult eye shapes, thick eyelid folds, short and sparse lashes
  5. Lifting lashes of different lash lengths & eye shapes
  6. How to select the right lash rod to achieve the desired effect
  7. Tips and Tricks during the treatment to achieve the perfect lift direction
  8. Improving your lash lift retention to achieve 100% customer satisfaction
  9. Performing the treatment without zero lash damage
  10. Reverse a lift service and provide remedy to rescue damaged lashes
  11. Hands on practice on live models

Course Fees: S$3280 | 0% interest installments available

*Early birds registration: attend complimentary Eyelash Regrowth Treatment Course

*Singaporean/PR receive additional course subsidy

Course Fees Includes:

  • Professional Student Eyelash Handbook
  • Professional Eyelash Business  Toolkit (150 clients)
  • After-course revision support to ensure 100% skills mastery
  • Lifetime after-course support via F2F consultation, calls, Whatsapp
  • Lifetime 10% student discount of all K Lash PRO eyelash products

Upon Completion of Course Requirements, Learners will be awarded:

  1. Eyelash Specialist Certificate in Professional Eyelash Extensions Techniques with Credits in
    • Classic Eyelash Extensions
    • Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
    • Volume Eyelash Extensions
    • Eyelash layering technique
    • Korean Moisture Perm (glueless technique)
    • Nano Eyelash Regrowth Treatment*
  2. Certificate in Korean Eyelash Extensions by K Lash PRO.
  3. Korean Eyelash Association Master Level License Certification (optional assessment)