Eyelash Extensions Discovery Class

(Course Code: TLA-01)

Course Duration: 1 Day | 10am – 3pm

Course Summary:

Whether you aspire to become a lash technician or simply have a deep passion for mastering this popular beauty trend, our basic eyelash extensions class is designed to provide you with essential skills and knowledge. In this eyelash class that has uses a combination of eyelash theory and model demonstration, learners will be able to understand the preparation and process to complete a set of eyelash extensions.

Core Skills Mastery:

Upper Single Lash Technique

Basic Eyelash Modules (Theory, Demonstration, Practical)

  1. Eyelash tools and products
  2. Workplace set up
  3. Salon Hygiene: Sanitation and Sterilization
  4. Lash Technician health
  5. Anatomy of the Eye
  6. Eyelash health Assessment
  7. Eyelash Growth Cycle
  8. Characteristics of eyelashes: Silk / Mink / Flat
  9. Choosing the right curl and diameters
  10. Importance of isolation and separation
  11. 5 rules for perfect application
  12. Eyelash Removal
  13. After-care tips

Course Fees: S$800
0% interest installments available

Course Fees Includes:

  • Basic Eyelash Handbook
  • BasicStarter Eyelash Toolkit
  • Lifetime after-course support via F2F consultation, calls, Whatsapp
  • Lifetime 10% student discount of all K Lash PRO eyelash products

Upon Completion of Course, Learners will be Awarded

Certificate in Basic Eyelash Extensions
Certified by The Lash Academy International