Professional Certificate in Classic Eyelash Extensions

(Course Code: TLA-05)

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Summary:

This eyelash extension foundation course is designed to equip learners new to Eyelash Extensions with a solid foundation of the Classic Lash by Lash Eyelash techniques. With a combination of theory, demonstration and hands-on practice on real models, the objective of this eyelash class is to equip learners with the skills to independently perform a set of eyelash extensions that is done professionally and beautifully. 

8 Core Skills Mastery:

  1. Upper Single Lash Technique
  2. Lower Single Lash Application
  3. No-Red-Eye Application
  4. Perfect Isolation
  5. Creating customized lash designs
  6. 10 different lash curls application
  7. 4 different lash diameters application

Foundation Eyelash Modules (Theory, Demonstration, Practical)

  1. Eyelash tools and products
  2. Workplace set up
  3. Salon Hygiene: Sanitation and Sterilization
  4. Lash Technician health
  5. Anatomy of the Eye
  6. Eyelash health Assessment
  7. Eyelash Growth Cycle
  8. Characteristics of eyelashes: Silk / Mink / Flat
  9. 10 types of Eyelash Curl
  10. 4 types of Eyelash Diameters
  11. Choosing the right curl and diameters
  12. Basic Eyelash Adhesive theory
  13. Primer theory
  14. Nano misting theory
  15. Related eye conditions and irritations
  16. Sensitivity and allergic reaction
  17. Importance of isolation and separation
  18. Providing a professional clients consultation
  19. Lash styling for different eye shapes and face contour
  20. 5 rules for perfect application
  21. Classic lash styles and mapping method
  22. Classic Upper eyelash application technique
  23. Classic Lower lash application technique
  24. Lash styling for different eye shapes and face contour
  25. Application of different classic Lash curls, thickness, lengths
  26. Eyelash Refill
  27. 3 types of Eyelash Removal
  28. After-care tips
  29. Common retention issues for beginners
  30. Eyelash Photography
TLA Certificate FA path

Course Fees: S$1600
0% interest installments available

Course Fees Includes:

  • Foundation Eyelash Handbook
  • Foundation Starter Eyelash Toolkit
  • 2 times after-course sit-in revision within 6 months
  • Lifetime after-course support via F2F consultation, calls, Whatsapp
  • Lifetime 10% student discount of all K Lash PRO eyelash products

Upon Completion of Course Requirements, Learners will be Awarded

Professional Certificate in Korean Classic Eyelash Extensions
Certified by The Lash Academy International and K Lash PRO Korea