Diploma in Professional Eyelash Extensions Techniques

(Course code: DIP-01)

Course Duration: 6 Days | 10am - 4pm

Course Summary:

An All-you-need-to-know course in setting up a professional Eyelash Extensions Business. This Diploma course covers all modules from Level 1 and Level 2 courses. It's objective is to provide learners with a thorough understanding of applying safe and comfortable eyelash extensions using the Classic, Hybrid and Volume techniques.

The course also teaches students the skills to perform the Filler Lash Lift procedure, as well as the Nano Eyelash Regrowth procedure.

Learners will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to setting up a professional Eyelash Extensions business as a home-based freelancer or a commercial salon. Through a series of curated theoretical, practical and revision practices, learners will be trained to provide a full range of professional eyelash extensions services proficiently.

8 Core Mastery:

  1. Classic Lash by Lash Extensions
  2. Korean Layering Extensions
  3. Classic Lower Eyelash Extensions
  4. Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
  5. Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
  6. Filler Lash Lift
  7. Lash Tinting
  8. Nano Natural Eyelash Regrowth

Foundation Course Modules (Theoretical, Practical & Hands on)

  1. Classic foundation theory
  2. Eyelash Product understanding
  3. Classic application techniques
  4. Korean Layering application techniques
  5. Classic Lower lash application techniques
  6. Classic Lash mapping
  7. Isolation and Separation
  8. Understanding Lash curls, thickness, lengths
  9. Classic Lash style guide: A customized design
  10. Salon hygiene: Sanitation & Sterilization
  11. Lash Technician health
  12. Allergies & Eye conditions
  13. Understanding clients’ lash health
  14. Performing a professional consultation
  15. Lash Refill
  16. Removal techniques
  17. After-care Instructions
  18. Lighting & Photography
  19. Business space set-up
  20. Marketing your Lash business
Diploma Cert

Advanced Course Modules (Theoretical, Practical & Hands on)

  1. Advanced Russian Volume theory
  2. Russian Volume Vs Classic Eyelash
  3. Russian Volume Vs Hybrid Volume
  4. Handmade Fans Vs Premade Fans
  5. Creating perfect Volume fans
  6. Applying Volume lash correctly
  7. Volume Lash mapping
  8. Lash line transition
  9. Isolation and Separation
  10. Volume Lash style guide: a customized design
  11. 5 Advanced volume eyelash designs
  12. Allergies & eye conditions
  13. Preparing your client
  14. Volume lash Refill
  15. Lash Glue & Retention

(Last update: 1 March 2021)

Course Fees: S$3380 ($2880 for SG/PR) | 0% interest installments available

Course Fees Includes:

  • Professional Basic and Advanced Toolkit from K Lash PRO Korea (For 200 customers)
  • Unlimited usage of school premises for self-practice
  • Unlimited revision sessions for 12 months
  • Invitation to join FB Eyelash support group for students
  • Lifetime after-course support
  • Lifetime 10% student discount of all K Lash PRO eyelash products

Upon Completion of Course Requirements, Learners will be Awarded

Diploma in Professional Eyelash Extensions Techniques with credits
Certified by The Lash Academy International and K Lash PRO Korea

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