Korean Single Lash Vs Russian Volume Lash

Korean eyelash technique is the attachment of one single strand of synthetic lash to one single strand of natural eyelash to create long yet natural looking lashes.

The birth of eyelash extensions is in Korean many years ago and it has been widely popular due to its ability to create natural and mesmerizing lashes. There are different types of synthetically made lashes and the most widely used ones are silk lash and faux mink lash. With tecnological advancement, there is now real mink and human lashes that are processed to make them sufficiently hygienic to place them on our lashes. Do not be surprise the Korea is one of the largest supplier of eyelashes in the world’s eyelash extension industry.



The success of the Korean lash techniques emphasize on many aspects. Lash isolation, adhesives application and lash mapping to create 3D effect is just a few to name. It may seems simple to pick up a lash and place it on the natural lash but that’s just the tip of an iceberg. It takes hours and hours of practice to achieve lashes that are beautiful, comfortable and at the same time safe for the client. Korean lashes are widely popular because of its flexibility to create various designs to suit the person's eye shape. Not to mention, most people prefer having to look beautiful and natural, but not fake. That's what Korean lashes are. 

Russian volume eyelash technique is by picking up strands of superfine & light-weight hairs using a special method and attaching them to 1 single strand of natural eyelash to create full volume without weighing down the eye.

This technique, originated from Russia some 3-4 years ago has since evolved into other names such as 6D lash, 9D lash or camelia lash. However they built on the same fundamentals that these super fine and light weight hair does not damage the real lashes like what cluster lashes does yet it can produces effect better than clusters. Many people heard of this technique and questioned on its sustainability since more lashes is used, wouldn’t it be heavy and weigh down on the natural lash? The answer is no. Due to the light-weight (to almost weightless) hairs, the technique teaches you to wrap minute amount of adhesives around the lashes and having them to support one another.

]Russian volume is like a dream come true for people with sparse lashes who always wanted to have fuller and thicker lashes but are bound to the constraints of lash by lash technique. The birth of this technique is even greater news to lash artists as once you get the hang of it, lashing time can be cut short by half, clients can go longer in between refills and salons who introduced this technique have increased revenue. What is rosier than having a profitable salon business and happy clients who have softer, fuller lashes that looks more natural?

Korean single lash Vs Russian volume lash.

Which one do you prefer? 


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