Lash Extensions. Yay or Nay?

The debate has been on-going for the longest time whether should one attempt to do eyelash extensions instead of sticking to the conventional Mascara or Strip lashes. For most, it is either a big yes or a flat no. Eyelash extensions is something that either you love it or hate it. Throughout the years in the industry, majority of the people dislike it because they had horrible experiences that left their eyes extremely uncomfortable that they wished they could tear off all the lashies the moment they opened their eyes. I feel so sorry for these people because they had paid a reasonable sum of money hoping to look better but only to receive such depressing results.



Above all, why are there still many people with extensions on? The big difference that makes people love it or hate it lies in the skill of the lash stylist. A skilful lash stylist will make you feel NOTHING. Precisely, even after the lash extensions is completed, you should feel nothing on your eyes but when you look into the mirror, WHOA, who is that beautiful lady?

From the perspective of someone who has witnessed the many changes in the lash extension scene since its inception to the beauty industry many years ago, I would definitely encourage people who have not tried extensions before to give it a shot but, make sure you do your research before you put your precious lashes under the pincer.

Below are some tips you should look out for when you are searching for the right salon to do your lashes:

  • They do individual lash-by-lash extensions.
  • The lash products are medically safe even for sensitive eyes
  • The tools are properly sanitized before use
  • The lash stylist doing the lashes for you is trained and certified from well-known sources
  • They do a proper consultation with you to understand your needs and lifestyle before doing the extensions.


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