Which eyelash glue is for you?

Over the many questions that got posed to me by students and salon owners, the ones about glue selection gave me the need to address this with an article. More often than not, lash technicians or people who came to purchase our K Lash glue ask me if the glue we use is a 'one size fits all' glue. Whatt? Now let me explain, glues are generally produced based on factors such as the drying up time i.e how long it takes the glue to set, the temperature and humidity level it works best in and if it is suitable for very sensitive eyes. Therefore to choose the right glue for you, logically you will need to know your speed, the room temperature that you are working at, as well as the humidity level in the room. 

The second frequently asked question about glue is, will this glue make my extensions long lasting? Now now now, whoever sells you the glue will never tell you that using the glue will cause the extensions to fall! First you got to understand that lash goes through a regular growth cycle where around 80% of the lashes are in the Telogen (resting) phase, meaning they are shedding anytime. The extension that is attached to that lash will fall off together. Furthermore, whether your extensions lasts is highly dependent on the how well it is attached to the real lash. If the attachement is not on point, even the best glue in the world can't make the extensions last. 

Here's all for choosing glue! Please feel free to email us for any further discussions : ) 

To the Love of lashing!

Korean Single Lash Vs Russian Volume Lash

Korean eyelash technique is the attachment of one single strand of synthetic lash to one single strand of natural eyelash to create long yet natural looking lashes.

The birth of eyelash extensions is in Korean many years ago and it has been widely popular due to its ability to create natural and mesmerizing lashes. There are different types of synthetically made lashes and the most widely used ones are silk lash and faux mink lash. With tecnological advancement, there is now real mink and human lashes that are processed to make them sufficiently hygienic to place them on our lashes. Do not be surprise the Korea is one of the largest supplier of eyelashes in the world’s eyelash extension industry.


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Lash Extensions. Yay or Nay?

The debate has been on-going for the longest time whether should one attempt to do eyelash extensions instead of sticking to the conventional Mascara or Strip lashes. For most, it is either a big yes or a flat no. Eyelash extensions is something that either you love it or hate it. Throughout the years in the industry, majority of the people dislike it because they had horrible experiences that left their eyes extremely uncomfortable that they wished they could tear off all the lashies the moment they opened their eyes. I feel so sorry for these people because they had paid a reasonable sum of money hoping to look better but only to receive such depressing results.


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